Mathru consists of two main locations: (1) The original location which is home to The Mathru School for the Blind in Yelahanka and (2) The second location which is home to the Nandini Project.

The Mathru School for the Blind is designed to accommodate 100 students. The school has ten classrooms as well as five additional rooms dedicated to enhancing the students’ educational and extracurricular experience. The Nandini Project was designed with a similar aim. The following facilities are included in respective locations.

Computer LabComputer Labs/Braille Transcription Center

The labs contains donated computers, scanners, and printers. There is one Braille printer located at the Mathru School for the Blind which is commonly used to translate textbooks into Braille.

LibraryLibrary/Entertainment Room

The library at the Mathru School for the Blind contains various genres of books in Braille including fiction, general knowledge, and textbooks, while the library at the Nandini Project contains additional books printed in plain text in Kannada, English, and Hindi. The entertainment room is located at the Mathru School for the Blind and is used by the students to watch TV and play instruments during leisure time.

Seminar HallSeminar Hall

This room houses large gatherings and celebrations at the Mathru School for the Blind.

Braille Writing Tutor roomBraille Tutor Room

Two Braille Writing Tutors and two accompanying computers. Students are brought to this room to learn and master Braille writing.


Both schools have a dormitory wing where many of Mathru’s students reside.  Each school’s wing is separated into rooms and bathrooms for boys and girls. The blind instructors also reside at the Mathru School for the Blind and stay in the Caretaker Room. To accommodate guests, the school has a Visitor Lounge and Guest Room.

KitchenOther Facilities

Both locations have a kitchen, dining hall, prayer hall, and storage room. For visits to other institutions in the Bangalore area, the school has a van for transportation. For security, the school employs two security guards: one during the day and one at night for each location.