Letter from Ms. Muktha

Gubbi R. Muktha - Mathru Educational Trust

Gubbi R. Muktha
Founder Member and Managing Trustee
Mathru Educational Trust

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Mathru School for the Blind! I appreciate your interest in the school and I would like to share with you my motivation for establishing this institution.

In 1986, I was met with an unfortunate road accident while traveling in a bus. I was doing my post graduation and my dream was to take up a course in law, marry, and settle down with a profession in law. I did not know then that the accident would change the entire course of my life. I lost two of my toes in the accident and after a series of surgeries and gangrene, I lost two more toes and almost half of my foot. My mobility was totally cut for nearly three years. I was pushed to the limit and had almost thought of ending my life because I dreaded a life of total dependency. I went to many places such as Jaipur and Ahmedabad, which are known for their cosmetic body parts, with the hope of getting a cosmetic foot. In the meantime, I started visiting the Vocational Rehabilitation Centre of the Disabled in Bangalore and it moved me to see young children with different kinds of disabilities. It was there that I realized how lucky I was to have lost just half of my foot. It was also there that I learned to be confident and to live an independent life. After a lot of physiotherapy sessions, counseling and practice, I gradually started walking on my own, without a cosmetic foot.

I used to meet blind persons who were struggling to move from place to place and with a lot of dependency. I could not bear to see that and I decided that I should do something for these innocent people. Just because a child is blind does not mean he or she should become a burden to their family and society. Just because a child is blind does not mean they are worthless. They have so many other strengths and talents which can be harnessed for their benefit and for the benefit of their family and society. I realized that God had a bigger plan for me.

In 2001, I, along with a couple of my well-wishers, registered the Mathru Educational Trust with the intention of starting a residential school for blind children. Just as I earned the confidence and willpower at the Vocational Rehabilitation Centre of the Disabled to lead an independent life and also be useful to society, I decided to make every child that joins my institution totally independent, confident, and useful. The Mathru School for the Blind began on September 5, 2001 in a cottage in the backyard of my house, with one blind child and one blind teacher. Since then, a new school has been built to house 100 students and today, the Mathru School has more than 70 students and seven blind teachers.

When I look back on those days, I dread what a waste it would have been, lying down with immobile limbs and a depressed mind. Today, I have a purpose in life. I feel I have to be strong and live long to lead these children to a purposeful life. I am confident that I can achieve my goal, because God has been on my side right from the beginning, directing hundreds of good souls towards my goal. I encourage you to explore this website to learn more about the Mathru School, its students, and the people.


Gubbi R. Muktha