The trust, instructors, volunteers, and staff are the backbone to the Mathru School and are a big part of the reason why the school is able to make the impact that it has today. Please read on to find out more about the people behind the Mathru School.

Trust Members

The Mathru Educational Trust was started by four dedicated people with a common goal to serve the blind by providing quality education, training, skill development, and placement. The four members of the trust are:

Gubbi R. Muktha Mr. S. Shankarappa  Mrs. Gnaneshwari Tejaswini Narayan
Gubbi R. Muktha Mr. S. Shankarappa Mrs. Gnaneshwari Tejaswini Narayan



The Mathru School employs a dedicated and talented teaching staff. Approximately ten teachers are employed at the school at any time, which includes some visually impaired teachers.


The Mathru School is extremely grateful to all of the volunteers who help the school in a variety of ways from instructing to administrative efforts. Listed below are a few of the major volunteers:

  • Smt. Usha Vishwanath, raises funds, teaches primary school children and counsels for the adult blind.
  • Mr. & Mrs. L.G.Shivakumar have written many dramas for our children. So far the children have enacted 10 dramas, 2 street plays and 2 skits which have been appreciated by the public and the media.
  • Mrs. Mala helps high school students with English grammar.
  • Mrs. Anandi helps raise funds for Mathru.

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We are thankful for the generous number of donors who have helped provide for our school.  They have been an important part of making our vision possible.  Below is a list of Mathru’s donors.

Top Ten Indian Donors:

  1. Mr. Appa Rao, Managing Trustee (Centum group of company)

  2. Dr.N.K.Srinivas, Managing Trustee (Aid for Blind Children India)

  3. Mr. & Mrs. A.K.Mahaesh, Managing Director (Bangalore Coil Industies)

  4. Justice. Shivraj Patil

  5. Concern India Foundation, Bangalore Branch

  6. Mr.Himanshu Desai

  7. Mr.E.K Krishnappa, MLC and Film producer

  8. Srinivasa Devasthana Seva Samithi Trust, Mahalakshmipura, Bangalore

  9. Give India

  10. Gayathri Ganesha Temple

Top Ten Foreign Donors:

  1. Target Corporation Limited, USA

  2. American Service To India, USA

  3. Zoho Corporation,USA

  4. Asha for Education USA

  5. CNJ, USA

  6. Vidyaranya Kannada Koota, USA

  7. Smt. Sharada Byanna

  8. Mr. & Mrs. Dhiru Vadera,London

  9. Mr. & Mrs. Hema Rao and  friends, Sydney

  10. United Nation Women Guild, USA

Logos of Corporate Donors