Overall Development

In order to make students at Mathru independent, they are provided with daily life skills such as personal hygiene (brushing their teeth, combing their hair, dressing up, taking bath etc), community involvement (cleaning the school, washing the vessels, folding their clothes, cleaning their dormitory and bathrooms etc). Mobility training is also provided to help students navigate their surroundings confidently.

During weekends, the students are taken to a nearby sighted school, Kensri International School, in order to allow them to interact with sighted peers and to expose them to the real world. There, the students learn yoga, spoken English, classical music, and several sports like cricket and basketball. Their interaction with the sighted children also gives the children confidence and improves their communication skills. Not only do the blind students learn from their sighted peers, but also these trips give sighted students exposure to the blind community. It is mutually beneficial. In the summer of 2008, two students from Mathru were integrated into the Kensri School.

Mathru has appointed a physiotherapist in order to improve the posture and physique of physically weak Mathru students. As part of its Community service activity, Mathru also offers physiotherapy treatment to the poor who cannot afford to go to hospitals.

In 2009 Mathru strengthened its sports unit by appointing a physical instructor. Students are taken outside for outdoor sports twice a week and on the other days they are trained in both marching and indoor games.

Their daily schedule also has set aside time for the students to participate in yoga and prayer. Prayer is emphasized at Mathru as a means of discipline. The students are also given their recreation time when they can go to the terrace and play games with their teachers and classmates. In the evening, they watch news in Kannada and English in order to increase awareness, communication skills, and language skills.