Skill Development

craft pic 2Apart from mainstream education, the school tries to build confidence in the childen and tries to encourage them to enhance their skills and talents. The teachers identify a student’s skills and expose them to music, art, and drama classes. Mathru began an Academy of Music, Art and Drama in 2002 to encourage and exhibit the talents of the students. The Mathru School has won several awards, and has often been in the media for their various talents and skills.

Music is a large part of skill development at Mathru. All students sing in unison during the prayer times in the morning and evening. They also have music classes, and some students are sent to an external music academy to further develop their skills. The Mathru School has also released an audio album of the music produced and sung by students in February 2008. For a sample of the music continue to the bottom of the page.

Crafts are another focus in skills development. The crafts teacher introduces students to knitting, thread work, string work etc. These works are often put on display at exhibitions, and are available for sale.

Students participate in several dramas, and have won awards in several competitions. The Mathru Students also have an interest in dance. The students perform group dances for special occasions like World Disabled Day, Environment Day, etc.

To showcase their intellectual skills, the Mathru School participates in several inter-school and state-wide competitions with other visually impaired as well as sighted students.

CD cover imageHere are some of the songs performed by students at Mathru. Click the play button next to any track to enjoy:

  1. Introduction
  2. Sharanu Sharanu 
  3. Ele Beladingalu 
  4. Nodamma 
  5. Julu Julu 
  6. Chinnada Odave 
  7. Putta Putta Hoogalanthe 
  8. Doorake Doorake