Student Success Stories


YasminYasmeen joined Mathru School for the Blind in the year 2002. She was 7 years of age back then. She came from a very remote and poor family. When she first came to Mathru, she looked very pale and dirty lacking basic mannerism and decency. However, it was from her first day of admission here that Mathru identified a hidden talent in her. She had a strong passion for music. At Mathru, she was taught basic life skills including Braille and other academic subjects. She was also admitted to Vani Music School. At the Music School, she got through her Junior Music Exam. She was an excellent student both academically and non-academically. She passed her 10th examinations in 2009 and scored 91.63%. In her Pre-University Exams, she scored 73%. At present, Yasmeen is continuing her studies on Diploma Education for Teaching Blind through correspondence with CBR network and is also serving as a Staff Teacher at Mathru. She has also taken a Senior Music Exam. Yasmin has made several appearances in many musical programs across public events and on television channels. She has won many awards and accolades at District and State-level Music Competitions.

College Students

In the academic year 2007-2008, though our regular students had reached only eighth standard, six adult students of Mathru, who had passed out of seventh standard were trained to take the tenth standard public examination. Out of these students, five passed with distinction, and one of passed with a second class.  These students are now pursuing their college studies. Currently Mathru is sponsoring seven male visually impaired college students who attend the Yelahanka Government Junior College. Housing at Mathru’s second location is provided as well as English medium Braille textbooks. Mathru is proud of these students for continuing their education at the college level.